Founded in 2009, Ratrod Studio Inc. is an entertainment software company that specializes in developing and publishing interactive web content and games for a complete range of platforms including mobile devices, PC and console systems.

Whether your company is looking to develop a specific title or wish to promote a brand, we will use our creativity and world-class expertise to design and custom-build a solution to suit your needs. Digital marketing and advertising is by far the most cost effective way to get worldwide exposure and reach millions of users. We develop games in today’s most popular genre including sports, racing, role-playing, action, casual and family entertainment.

Located in the heart of Gatineau, Quebec, our team includes industry veterans responsible for some of the most successful games ever created. We use a combination of proprietary tools and innovative techniques to boost productivity and product quality while maintaining a low development cost. Ratrod Studio Inc. always stays ahead of the latest technology and industry standards.

Ratrod Studio offers a full range of web and mobile services including: online games, interactive branding solutions, mobile game development for various platforms, publishing services and consulting.

Mobile & Handheld Gaming

Don’t miss the latest wave! The mobile & handheld markets are the future of gaming. Its high popularity comes as no surprise as everyone nowadays has a mobile device which easily explains why this medium so effective.

Whether you are looking to develop a free or commercial game application, we will bring your vision to reality. Our high quality standards, experience and creativity will drive your project to success!

Publishing Services

We are now offering publishing services for app developers. Send us your prototype or game idea and we will be happy to collaborate and provide you our expertise to review, improve, finalize, publish and market your title.

Developing your application is only half of the work involved. The key to success is how your application is being marketed. Standing out from the crowd when hundreds of thousands of other applications are available is not an easy task. Often smaller developers don’t have the budget, time or resources required to properly market their title. However, it’s by far the most important aspect of your project and it should never be neglected.

Over the years, we collaborated with an extensive network of resources and partners, both on a promotional and distribution level. We will not only assist you during the development, but we will also publish, distribute and market your title worldwide for a multiple range of platforms.

If you are interested in publishing your title with Ratrod Studio Inc., you can reach us using our Contact Us page. We look forward to collaborating with your team to make your project a success and to ensure it gets the exposure and coverage it deserves.

Content Production & Consulting

We are aware of the challenges companies often face when outsourcing. We have established a solid production pipeline and communication network that allows us to constantly stay in touch during the project. We are able to deliver you quality assets within the time-frame while following the guidelines and art direction accordingly.

We have a team of highly skilled senior artists and game developers that have years of experience in the industry.

Our expertise includes development for next-gen gaming platforms, online interactive branding, mobile solutions and full CG production for game cinematic and television.

If you need assets to be developed for your current project or looking for assistance, Ratrod Studio can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free cost estimate for your project or to consult one of our experts.

Online Games & Interactive Branding Solutions

Do you have a product or brand you would like to advertise to millions of users? Free web-based games are one of the most cost effective methods to boost your exposure and generate high traffic to your website.

We are here to help you reach that target audience and demographic group that you are aiming for. Many different advergaming solutions are available ranging from integrating your brand to one of our current game or by custom designing

a complete solution to suit your needs. We will work within your budget to provide you with the most efficient way to promote your product or brand.

By using today’s latest technology, we are able to create and publish single and multiplayer 3D games with astonishing graphics that are playable online directly from your web browser and compatible for either Mac or PC systems.