Ratrod Studio Inc. Launches Drift Mania Championship 2 on iOS and Android. A sequel to the over 10 million player strong Drift Mania franchise.

Ratrod Studio Inc. proudly announces the arrival of its latest mobile racing game, Drift Mania Championship 2, on iOS and Android. A sequel to the over 10 million player strong Drift Mania franchise, Drift Mania Championship 2 delivers the ultimate drift racing experience with highly addictive gameplay and next generation graphics. Speeding through a series of lifelike raceways, Drift Mania Championship 2 challenges players’ combined driving skills, style, and showmanship in a series of epic racing tournament. Speed, talent, and style, Drift Mania Championship 2 is all about loss of the rear wheel traction while keeping the race car in total control.

Developed in collaboration with DMCC, the only professional drifting series in Canada, and officially sponsored by NOS Energy Drink, Drift Mania Championship 2 tests players’ drifting expertise against the four main criteria of speed, line, angle, and impact. Players can qualify on the podium to unlock different circuits and cars and upgrade their ride by installing aftermarket performance products from licensed brands including Royal Purple, K&N, Magnaflow, Centerforce, Whiteline and Mishimoto. Featuring a soundtrack from A’n’R Music Limited that includes songs from Templeton Pek and KNGDMS, players can also listen to songs from their own music library as they take the lead and cross the finish line.

“With millions of players worldwide, we received tons of feedback and suggestions over the past two years. We listened to all our fans and took everything in consideration when designing this sequel. After a year of development, we are now back with the ultimate drift game available for any gaming platform,” says Ratrod Studio’s President Pat Toulouse.

• Drift Mania Championship 2 is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on the iTunes App Store for $1.99

• Drift Mania Championship 2 for Android is available on Google Play for $1.99