Hockey Fight Pro Video Review By CrazyMike!

Hockey Fight Pro for the iPhone..Get Aggressive! 5/5

“Growing up in Detroit I appreciated hockey fighting as a key part of hockey games. Now, Hockey Fight Pro by Ratrod Studio Inc. brings this pugilist part of hockey to the iPhone and iPad. Users can fight their way through a tournament (9 fights), free fight, or fight in multi-player mode (bluetooth or WiFi). While only 9 fights seems kind of small for tournament fighting, the fights take both offensive and defensive skills to win. If you are able to complete tournament mode initially, this will unlock a hardcore mode, which I am guessing is a bit more difficult. If you love boxing games or hockey fights you will love this app, complete with blood splatter from good punching. Watch the iPhone app video for a demonstration of this application.”

CrazyMikesapps Head Rating: 5 out of 5 Heads