Ratrod Studio Unveils New Website and Publishing Services.

We are happy to finally unveil our new website! Many new features have been implemented such as an easy browsing system for games (by platforms / genre) and a support forum to better help our customers.

After many requests from indie developers, we are very excited to announce our new publishing program. Send us your prototype or game idea and we will be happy to collaborate and provide you our expertise to review, improve, finalize, publish and market your title.

Developing your application is only half of the work involved. The key to success is how your application is being marketed. Standing out from the crowd when hundreds of thousands of other applications are available is not an easy task. Often smaller developers don’t have the budget, time or resources required to properly market their title. However, it’s by far the most important aspect of your project and it should never be neglected.

Over the years, we collaborated with an extensive network of resources and partners, both on a promotional and distribution level. We will not only assist you during the development, but we will also publish, distribute and market your title worldwide for a multiple range of platforms.

If you are interested in publishing your title with Ratrod Studio Inc. you can reach us using our Contact Us page. We look forward collaborating with your team to make your project a success and ensure it gets the exposure and coverage it deserves.

Meanwhile we hope that you enjoy our new website and please make sure to follow us on Facebook by pressing the “Like” button on the top right of this page.

Ratrod Team